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Mr. Chips chapter 5 questions answers

Mr. Chips chapter 5 questions notes

Short an Simple Questions answers

Q.1. What was Katherine’s views about Chips’ profession?

Ans: Katherine liked Mr. Chips being a teacher. She believed that the teaching profession had a significant impact as teachers influence the future generation. She was glad he wasn’t a lawyer, dentist, broker, or big businessman.

Q.2. Where was Katherine married?

Ans: Katherine was married from the house of an aunt in Ealing, London.

Q.3. What did Katherine say to Chips on the night before their wedding?

Ans: On the night before their wedding, Katherine told Mr. Chips that she felt like a new boy beginning his first term with him. She asked if she should call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr. Chips,’ to which he responded, “Mr. Chips.” She then said, “Goodbye, Mr. Chips.”

Q.4. How did Chips depreciate himself before his marriage?

Ans: Before his marriage, Mr. Chips depreciated himself by sharing details of his mediocre degree, occasional difficulties in maintaining discipline, his certainty of never getting a promotion, and his belief that he was completely ineligible to marry a young, ambitious girl like Katherine.

Q.5. What different scenes did Mr. Chips remember on the eve of his wedding? Describe Chips’ marriage.

Ans: On the eve of his wedding, Mr. Chips remembered various scenes, such as the sound of horses’ hooves in the roadway, green pale gas lamps flickering on wet pavements, newsboys shouting something about South Africa, and Sherlock Holmes in Baker Street. These memories reflected the atmosphere of the time.

Q.6. What were Katherine’s views about Chips’ profession?

Ans: Katherine appreciated Mr. Chips’ profession as a teacher. She believed that being a teacher allowed him to influence and shape the lives of future generations, which she found meaningful and important. She preferred this profession over others like law, dentistry, brokerage, or big business.

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