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Mr Chips chapter 10 question answers pdf

Goodbye Mr. Chips Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Important Questions

Short An Simple question answers

Q.1. Why did Chips become Acting Head of Brookfield?

Ans. In 1900, old Meldrum, who had succeeded Wetherby as Head and had held office for thirty years, died suddenly of pneumonia, and Chips became Acting Head of Brookfield. He again assumed the charge of Acting Head during World War I after Chatteris died.

Q.2. Who succeeded Meldrum as Headmaster?

Ans. Mr. Ralston was made Head of Brookfield after Chips had worked as Acting Head after the death of Meldrum.

Q.3. What did Mr. Ralston announce on a May morning?

Ans. Ralston announced that King Edward VII had died that morning. He also said that a memorial service would be held in the Chapel. There would be no school in the afternoon.

Q.4. What duty did Brookfield boys perform during the railway strike?

Ans. The boys were asked to patrol the railway line as stones had been thrown at the trains.

Q.5. What did Chips remember about the Diamond Jubilee?

Ans. Mr. Chips along with Katherine went to London to see the procession celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Q.6. Whose father had sailed on the Titanic? What happened to him? OR What news about Grayson’s father came finally?

Ans. Grayson’s father had sailed on the Titanic, and there was a rumour that he too had drowned when the ship sank. Then came news that his father had been among those rescued.

Q.7. What did Chips think of England?

Ans. Chips thought of England as a country whose days of ease were nearly over and the English were steering into channels where a little error could be disastrous.

Q.8. How did Queen Victoria look?

Ans. Chips saw the old legendary lady, Queen Victoria, sitting in her carriage like a crumbling wooden doll.

Q.9. Why was Grayson preoccupied during the class?

Ans. There was news about the sinking of The Titanic. Grayson was pre-occupied because his father had sailed on the Titanic and no news had come through about his fate.

Q.10. What news did spread in the school about Grayson’s father?

Ans. The news spread around the school that Grayson’s father had sailed on the Titanic and no one knew about his fate yet. He was supposed to have died. Finally, the news came that Grayson’s father was among those who had been rescued.

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