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Moral Story: Union is Strength

Moral Story: Union is Strength

This engaging story features an old farmer and his quarrelsome sons. Despite the farmer’s repeated advice to stay united, his sons disregarded his words. To teach them the importance of unity, he shared an invaluable lesson.

For Average Students:

In a village, there lived an old farmer with three sons who quarreled constantly. When the farmer fell ill, he summoned his sons and asked them to break a bundle of sticks. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t break the bundle. The farmer then untied the bundle, and each son effortlessly broke a single stick. He told them, “United, you stand like the bundle; divided, you fall like the sticks.”

For Brilliant Students:

In the same village, a poor farmer with three healthy but quarrelsome sons reached a critical point. On his deathbed, he asked them to break a bundle of sticks. The sons failed. However, when the sticks were separated, they broke them with ease. The farmer’s lesson was clear: unity is strength. The sons heeded his advice and stopped quarreling.

Moral of the Story:

  1. Union is strength.
  2. United you stand, divided you fall.

These morals emphasize the significance of unity and cooperation, echoing the age-old wisdom that together, we are stronger.

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