2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12thGeneral

10 General knowledge questions about Mr’s chips

  1. Who is the author of the novel “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”?
  2. In which country does the story of “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” primarily take place?
  3. What is Mr. Chips’ full name in the novel?
  4. What is Mr. Chips’ profession in the story?
  5. Which significant historical events occur during Mr. Chips’ lifetime in the novel?
  6. Who is the co-protagonist or significant character in Mr. Chips’ life?
  7. What subject does Mr. Chips teach at the fictional school in the novel?
  8. What is the title significance of “Goodbye, Mr. Chips”?
  9. Can you name any adaptations of “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” into film or television?
  10. In what decade was the novel “Goodbye, Mr. Chips” first published?

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