2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd year English Essays: Co-Education

2nd year English Important Essays: Co-Education

Co-education refers to a situation where we are “teaching the boys and girls together OR
we involve students of both the sexes in the learning process at a single place or
classroom”. Though co-education is common in European countries, it is not so in Pakistan.
In Pakistan, there is co-education in some colleges and schools, but most of the colleges
and schools have separate education for boys and girls.
Co-education has remained a controvertial issue in our country. Some people are in favour
of this system and want to introduce it at all schools and colleges. They give many
arguments in its favour. Their main argument is that in a poor and backward country like
Pakistan it is impossible to maintain separate institutions. Therefore, co-education should
be opened to girls also. It would be good for the progress of the country, raise the standard
of education and it will promote competition among boys and girls.
The other group gave the reason against these arguments: that in tropical countries sexconsciousness develops at an early age. It is, therefore, not advisable to offer opportunities
to the boys to mix with the girls freely.
It has been observed that the real reason why some people support co-education is that
they like western culture. They want to be more English because the west has co-education
so they must have it. But we have to see whether our religion, culture, and social system
allow us to adopt co-education. We can say that they certainly not allow us to adopt such a
I am, however, of the view that if co-education is inevitable one would agree to it. But it is
not a necessary evil. If it is to be adopted at all, we should adopt it only at the primary or
elementary level. At the secondary level and higher secondary level, we should adopt a
separate system of education. By adopting this system at secondary and higher secondary
levels, we will only be able to promote vulgarness in our society. This type of co-education,
if adopted, will do more harm than good to our country.

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