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Class 9th ch-7 Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Class 9th ch-7 Sultan Ahmed Mosque Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 Why Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also known as Blue Mosque?
It is also known as blue mosque because of the blue tiles that embellish its interior.

Q.2 Who was appointed as the architect of the Mosque?
The Royal architect Sedefhar Mehmat Aga, was appointed for the construction of the

Q.3 Why was a heavy iron chair hung at the entrance of the court?
It was put there so that the Sultan had lower his head every time he entered in the court
to ensure humility.

Q.4 How does the interior of the Mosque look?
It is embellished with blue tiles, which gives its interior an attractive look.

Q.5 Why do you think Madrassah and hospice was part of Mosque?
I think that Madrassah was for the students who came to get religious education while
hospice was for the needy and destitute.

Q.6 Who constructed Mosque Sophia?
It was constructed by “Isidoer of Miletus

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling. (1 x 21 = 21)


a) Believers✅
b) Balievers
c) Beleevers
d) Beleivers


a) Thogh
b) Though✅
c) Theough
d) Thuogh


a) Interiar
b) Intiriar
c) Interior✅
d) Interieor


a) Adorned✅
b) Adurned
c) Adoorned
d) Eddurned


a) Design✅
b) Deesign
c) Dasign
d) Designe


a) Carvud
b) Karved
c) Carvid
d) Carved✅


a) Mosques✅
b) Mosk
c) Mosqoo
d) Maskews


a) Hospyce
b) Hospice✅
c) Hospise
d) Hospiec


a) Include✅
b) Inklude
c) Inqlude
d) Inclood


a) Flambuyant
b) Flamboyant
c) Flamboyant✅
d) Felmbouyant


a) Illuminate✅
b) Elluminate
c) Illumienete
d) Illuminait


a) Empire✅
b) Empare
c) Empere
d) Impire


a) Situated✅
b) Stiated
c) Siteited
d) Sichuated


a) Ceramany
b) Ceramnay
c) Ceremony✅
d) Sermonay


a) Magnificent✅
b) Magneficent
c) Megnificant
d) Magneeficent


a) Ensure✅
b) Inssure
c) Enshore
d) Ensare


a) Ambbition
b) Ambition✅
c) Ambetion
d) Ambotion


a) Chandeliers✅
b) Chandelere
c) Chandliar
d) Chenedleir


a) Empressive
b) Impressive✅
c) Ampressive
d) Ompressive


a) Minarets✅
b) Minarats
c) Meneretes
d) Menirits


a) Unmatched✅
b) Unmatchd
c) Ummatched
d) Unmetched

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar. (1 x 9 = 9)

22) He is the richest man in the family.

a) No degree of an adjective
b) Superlative degree of an adjective✅
c) Comparative degree of an
d) Positive degree of an adjective

23) I cam earlier.

a) Adverb
b) Noun
c) Adjective✅
d) Verb

24) The worst is :

a) Superlative degree of an

b) Comparative degree of an
c) Positive degree of an adjective
d) Adverb

25) The mosque has a spacious forecourt. Adjective in the sentence is:

a) The
b) Mosque
c) Spacious✅
d) Forecourt

26) The construction of the mosque was started in 1609.

a) Noun
b) Verb
c) Phrase
d) Adjective of time✅

27) “In the upper of the court” is ____.

a) Verb
b) Conditional Clause
c) Phrase✅
d) Adjective

28) The floors are covered __:

a) For
b) With✅
c) To
d) By

29) There is a fountain which is rather small.

a) Relative pronoun✅
b) Indirect object
c) Pronoun
d) Adverb

30) The best is :

a) Positive degree
b) Comparative degree
c) Superlative degree✅
d) No degree

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word (1 x 15 = 15)

31) A heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court entrance on the western side.

a) Easy
b) Light
c) Bold
d) Big✅

32) It was completed by his successor.

a) Coming after✅
b) Coming before
c) Successful
d) Son

33) The upper level of the interior is adorned with blue paint.

a) Higher✅
b) Lower
c) Outer
d) Super

34) Istanbul the largest city in Turkey.

a) Smallest
b) Greatest
c) Populated✅
d) Cultivated

35) It was constructed between 1609 to 1616.

a) Built✅
b) Borrowed
c) Purchased
d) Lent

36) Appointed means:

a) Selected✅
b) Rejected
c) Come
d) Heavy

37) Unfortunately means:

a) Bad luck✅
b) Greatly
c) Holy
d) Clearly

38) The word flamboyant means :

a) Colorful✅
b) Humble
c) Soft
d) Natural

39) Blue Mosque is unmatched in majesty.

a) Unfinished
b) Very simple
c) New
d) Matchless✅

40) The Sultan Ahmad Mosque is one of the most impressive monuments in the world.

a) Quality
b) Remarkable✅
c) Character
d) Hidden

41) It comprises a tomb of the founder, a madrassah and a hospice.

a) Rule
b) Well
c) An Inn✅
d) Finn

42) Blue tiles embellish its interior.

a) Decorate✅
b) Pack
c) Naughtily
d) Permanently

43) Frequented means:

a) Adolescent
b) Visited✅
c) Childhood
d) Young

44) ‘Interior’ of a room means:

a) Boundary
b) Inside✅
c) Outside
d) Floor

45) Adorned means :

a) Thud
b) Drift
c) Run
d) Decorated✅

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