Class Matric Part 1 NotesEnglish class 9th


Class 9th ch-1 THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 What type of land Arabia is?
Arabia is an attractive land where one can find the natural beauty of trackless deserts and sand dunes.

Q.2 Why was the Holy Quran sent in Arabic?
The Holy Quran was sent in Arabic because it was a language of eloquence.

Q.3 For which ability were the Arabs famous?
The Arabs were famous for their sharp memory and eloquence.

Q.4 What was the condition of mankind before Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
before Holy Prophet (PBUH) mankind stood on the verge of chaos.

Q.5 Why did the Holy Prophet (PBUH) stay in the cave of Hira?
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) stayed in the cave of Hira to pray Allah Almighty.

Q.6 What was the First revelation?
Read in the name of thy Lord Who created man from a clot (of congealed blood): Read and thy Lord is most bountiful, who taught (the use of) the pen, taught man that which he knew not.

Q.7 Why did the pagan Arabs threaten The Holy Prophet (PBUH) uncle?
They wanted to restrain the Holy Prophet (PBUH) from the teachings of Islam.

Q.8 What did Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) say about the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
She said, “ His morals and characters are the embodiment of the Holy Quran.

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the correct form of verb. (1 x 5 = 5)

1) I __ living in this house since 1970.
a) will be
b) was
c) have been✅
d) has been

2) He _ here yesterday.
a) came✅
b) have come
c) has come

3) If you __, I shall be available.
a) have come
b) come✅
c) will come
d) came

4) He __ take the examination next year.
a) will have
b) will✅
c) will be
d) shall

5) He _ to us tomorrow.
a) comes
b) will come✅
c) came
d) had come

Q2. Choose the word with correct spelling. (1 x 23 = 23)

a) Historian✅

b) Historrian
c) Historean
d) Hestorian

a) verge✅

b) varge
c) verage
d) verg

a) Detict
b) Detect✅
c) Detact
d) Ditect

a) Naxus
b) Nesus
c) Nexus✅
d) Nixus

a) Imbued✅

b) imboud
c) Embuead
d) Embued

a) Cromble
b) Cramble
c) Crumble✅
d) Crimble

a) Thesaurus✅

b) Thesaures
c) Thesarus
d) Thesauruse

a) Seviour
b) Saviour✅
c) Saiviour
d) Savier

a) Pegun
b) Pegen
c) Pagan✅
d) Pygan

a) Refuje
b) Rifuge
c) Refuge✅
d) Refug

a) Dones
b) Dunis
c) Dunec
d) Dunes✅

a) Devene
b) Devine
c) Divine✅
c) Divine

a) Soletude
b) Solichewed
c) Salitude
d) Solitude✅

a) Ambodiment
b) Embodiment✅
c) Embodement
d) Emodimant

a) Occasion✅

b) Ocaseion
c) Ocasion
d) Ocassion

a) Thelogy
b) Tealogy
c) Theology✅
d) Theolagy

a) Messege
b) Massage
c) Message✅
d) Mesage

a) Wership
b) Worship✅
c) Warship
d) Wershep

a) Madetation
b) Medetation
c) Meditation✅
d) Maditation

a) Maditation
b) Tropical✅
c) Trapical
d) Tropicel

a) Suitation
b) Stuiation
c) Situation✅
d) Sichuation

a) Proclemetion
b) Proclamation✅
c) Praclemation
d) Proclmation

a) Proclmation✅

b) Dominnce
c) Dominence
d) Domenance

Q3. Choose the correct option according to the grammar. (1 x 6 = 6)

1) I __ living in this house since.
a) will be
b) was
c) have been✅
d) has been

2) Ashfaq Ahmad was a __ writer.
a) famously
b) famed
c) famous✅
d) infamous

3) This is a very _ seminar.
a) Information
b) Informed
c) Informative✅
d) Informing

4) my mother becomes _ if I get home late.
a) anxiety
b) anxious✅
c) anxieties
d) anxiously

5) It is __ to get the correct information from the university office.
a) advisable✅
b) Advisabl
c) advising
d) advised

6) Who is _ for this chaos?
a) responding
b) responsible✅
c) responsive
d) responded

Q4. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word (1 x 11 = 11)

1) A shall not abandon the truth faith.
a) Hate
b) Strong
c) Give up✅
d) Like

2) The Arabs possessed a remarkable memory.
a) Impressive✅
b) Boring
c) Dangerous
d) Famous

3) The word meditation means
a) Deep thought✅
b) Dozing
c) Sound sleep
d) Slumber

4) Dunes means
a) Declare
b) Remove
c) Sandy hills✅
d) \destroy

5) The word eradicate means
a) Demolish
b) Remove
c) Destroy✅
d) Rebuild

6) Proclaim means
a) Request
b) Response
c) Declare✅
d) Forbid

7) Arbia is a land of unparalleled charm
a) Parallel
b) Unmatched✅
c) Ummatched
d) opposite

8) Their eloquence and memory found expression in their poetry.
a) Happy
b) Talk
c) Fluency✅
d) Tongue

9) mankind stood on the verge of chaos.
a) Edge✅
b) Still
c) Cliff
d) Mountain

10) Mankind stood on the verge of chaos.
a) Bios
b) Confusion✅
c) Loyal
d) Determination

11) The pagan Arabs started to mount pressure.
a) Pathan
b) Believer
c) Disbeliever✅
d) pursued

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