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Explore essential Class 9th Biology important questions curated by Bilal Articles on Elevate your understanding of key biological concepts with comprehensive and insightful queries, ensuring a solid foundation for academic success. Dive into engaging content designed to enhance your learning experience and excel in your biology studies. Discover a valuable resource for students seeking effective preparation and mastery of Class 9th Biology topics at by Bilal Articles

Chapter 1 Most Imp:

Define cell biology and histology.
What is the difference between zoology and botany?
What is meant by morphology and microbiology?
Define pharmacology and immunology.
Differentiate between anatomy & biotechnology.
What is meant by farming and biogeography? of Bu Ali Sina Describe the services
Write the names of the famous books of Hayyan, Abdul Malik Isma’i.
Write names of f major biological issues of now a days.
What are micromolecules and (macromolecules?
and community. Differentiate between population
Differentiate between biosphere and ecosystem.
Define colonial organization and give an example.
Define bio-elements and write the names of six
important bio-elements.What do you mean by horticulture and how is it related to agriculture?
Define science and biology.

Chapter 2 Most Imp:

Explain any five careers in biology.
Write a note on careers which a biology student can adopt?
9Describe the relationship of biology to other sciences.
Explain the cellular organizations.
Explain organ and organ system level.
Explain any five branches of biology.
Explain population level and community level.
What is meant by biological method?
Write two observations of A.F.A. King.
Give two characteristics of a good hypotheses.
Differentiate between deduction and theory.
Define the hypothesis. How is a hypothesis formed?
What are quantitative observations? Quantitative observations are better in biological methods. How?
What are qualitative observations? Give an example.
What is the difference between control group experimental group?
Define ratio and proportion.
What is meant by bioinformatics?
What is the difference between law/principle.? cory
What t is meant by biological problem?
How is the data organized?
What four important observations were made about malaria in the late 19th century?
What is meant by productive theory?

long from this Chapter 3 Question:

Define biodiversity and explain the importance of biodiversity.
What is fluid-mosaic model?
What is exocytosis? State its importance.
What is the difference between endocytosis and exocytosis?
Describe the similarities between mitochondria and chloroplasts.
What is meant by plasmodesmata?
What are chromoplasts? Write their two functions.
Differentiate between primary cell wall and secondary cell wall.
Define ribosomes. Give their importance in cell.
Where are centrioles found? Give their function. Differentiate between diffusion and facilitated
Differentiate between phagocytosis and pinocytosis.
What is meant by hypertonic and hypotonic solutions?
Define osmosis and active transport.
What are lysosomes? Write function of lysosomes.
Write any two differences between animal and plant cell.
Give two functions of cytoplasm and cell membrane.
What is cell membrane and plasma membrane?
Differentiate between magnification and resolution
What is meant by micrograph?
Define turgor pressure.
Describe the differences in prokaryotic cells. and eukaryotic
What are compound tissues? Explain its types.

Chapter 4 Most Imp

What are plastids? Give their different types. Write their structure & function.
What is endoplasmic reticulum? Explain its types.
Define cell wall. Also explain fluid-mosaic model. C
Explain cell membrane with the help of diagram.
Define meristematic tissues. Explain its types.
Discuss nucleus structure and function.
What is G1, G2 phase?
Define karyokinesis and cytokinesis.
What is meant by crossing over?
Write the function of chiasmata in crossing over.
Differentiate between benign and malignant tumor.
Differentiate between meiosis and mitosis)
Write two advantages of apoptosis.
What is the difference between somatic cells and germ line cells?
Differentiate between diploid and haploid cells.
What is phragmoplast? How is it formed?
Name four phases of karyokinesis.
Define psi-napsis and write the process of psi-napsis.
Differentiate between diploid and haploid cells.
What is meant by blebs?
What is meant by metastasis?
In which cells does Define mitosis.
Define cell cycle and explain S phase in cefl eycle.
Differentiate between chromatin and chromosomes. in and chromo
What do you mean by GO phase?

Long from this Chapter
5 Question:

Differentiate between active site and substrate.
Differentiate between anabolism and catabolism.
What is meant by intracellular and extracellular enzymes?
What is enzyme action mechanism? Write its equation.
Define enzymes. Write down two characteristics of enzymes.
Define prosthetic group and co-enzyme.
What factors affect the reaction speed of enzymes?
Write the names.
What do you mean by optimum temperature?
What is meant by denaturation of enzymes?
State the lock and key model.
State the induced-fit model.
Write two uses of enzymes in biological detergents.
Write any two uses of enzyme. Haleematyc~()1(
What is meant by saturation of active sites?
Define substrate and product.
Write the difference between inhibitors and activators.
Define activation energy. How do enzymes lower their activation energy?
How enzymes are used in the food and paper industry.
Give two advantages of biocatalysts.

Long from this Chapter 6 Question:

Define ATP. When and who discovered the ATP.
Write the structure of ATP and a function.
What is meant by bioenergetics?
What is meant by oxidation and reduction?
Define photosynthesis. Write its equation.
What products are formed during photosynthesis?
What is meant by light reactions?
What is factors of photosynthesis. OR Sor photosy himisise factor Name, four limiting
Describe the effect of light intensity and temperature on photosynthesis.
Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
What are FAD and NAD?
What is meant by glycolysis? Where does this process take place?
How does the amount of carbon dioxide affect the speed of photosynthesis?
Define electron transport chain.
Define respiration and cellular respiration.
Give an example.
How does lactic acid fermentation occur in skeletal muscle?
What are pigments?
Define fermentation What is alcoholic fermentation

Chapter 7 Most Imp:

What is photosynthesis? Write its importance. How
the process of photosynthesis can be
represented by a simple general equation. OR
What is the role of chlorophyll and light in
photosynthesis? Explain.
Write down the events of light & dark reactions.
Write down the mechanism of respiration.
Explain Aerobic and N-aerobic respiration and their
types in detail. Most Imp
Interpret that ATP is the chief energy currency o cells.
Write five differences between aerobic and ana respiration.

Chapter 8 Most Imp:

Differentiate macronutrients between micronutrients.
Define nutrition and nutrients.
What are fertilizers? Name their types. and-unsaturated Differentiate between saturated acids.
Write four sources of protein.
What are the deficiency symptoms of vitamins A,C,D?
What are the main sources of Vitamin A, C?
Differentiate between digestion and ingestion.
What is meant by malnutrition?
What is meant by dehydration?
What is the significance of water in human?
Define a balanced diet.
How will you differentiate between bolus and chyme?
Write down two functions of liver.
What is the role of the liver in the digestive system?
What is diarrhea? Write its symptoms and causes.
Define constipation. Write its causes, Jeemc-V 20
What is ulcer? What are symptoms of ulcer?
Differentiate between assimilation and absorption.
Describe the role of calcium and magnesium in plants life.
What is a goiter and why does it happen?
What is an appendix? Write its one symptom.
Write a note on carbohydrates, lipids &proteins
What are minerals? Explain its types & their importance.
Explain the importance of fertilizers. Also write of fertilizers on environmental concerns related to use The deficiency note on importance of water & dietry fibre in Write a
Explain the diseases caused of minerals.human food.
Define malnutrition. Write down its four effects.
What is oral cavity Describe the role/function of oral cavity in digestion of food.
Describe the structure and functions of the stomach Also explain the process of digestion and churning of food in the stomach.
Explain the functions & role of liver in human body
Define the cohesion-tension theory?
You see pus at the site of infection on your skin. How is it formed?
What is pus? How it is formed?
What is meant by transpiration pull? Write two causes of transpiration pull.
What is blood plasma? How is blood plasma separated from blood?
What is the difference between universal donors and universal recipients?
What is meant by angina pectoris?
Define pericardial fluid and write its function.
Write the difference between pulmonary systemic circulation.
Differentiate between arteries and veins.
Write the difference between atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis.
Write the function of root hairs. Write the function of root in plant.
What is meant by pressure flow mechanism?
What is meant by granulocytes? Give their types.
Write two effects of temperature on the speed of transpiration.
What is the pericardium and why is it important?
What is leukemia? Write its two symptoms.
Differentiate between bicuspid.
Write the functions of WBCs.
Define transpiration and relate it with cell surface and with stomatal opening and closing.

Chapter 9 Most Imp:

Define transpiration. Describe four factors that affect | the speed of transpiration.
How do plants transport food? Explain.
Describe the theory of pressure flow mechanism to explain the translocation of food in plants
What is ABO and Rh blood group system? Explain it.
Describe the structure & functions of human heart.
How would you relate the internal structure of root with the uptake of water and salts? Explain.

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