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Class 9 Computer Science Important Questions

Class 9 Computer Science All Chapter Important Questions On By Bilal Articles

Discover essential Class 9 Computer Science important questions on, meticulously curated by Bial Articles. Prepare for exams with targeted study materials and strengthen your foundational knowledge in programming, algorithms, and more. Elevate your understanding of key concepts through these valuable resources.

Problem-Solving Important Questions Chapter 1

What is Sorting?
What is Merge and Center?
What are Filters?
What is Conditional Formatting?
Write the types of cell reference.

Problem-Solving Long Questions

What is a Function? Write about the parts of a Function.
What is a cell? How will you insert a new cell in your current worksheet?
What is a Formula? Write the steps to create a formula in Excel.

Binary System Chapter 2 Important Short Questions

What do you mean by freezing a worksheet?
What are Data Tools in Excel?
What is a Split Worksheet?
Write down any five elements of a Chart.
What do you mean by Protection in Excel?

Binary System Long Questions:

What is Protection? Write the steps to protect a worksheet in Excel.
Write the steps to Hide the Column in the worksheet.
What is a Chart? Write down the types of Charts in MS Excel.
What is Data Validation? Explain with Example.

Networking Chapter 3 Important Short Questions

Write a note on Hub.
Write the Names of any four Network Topologies.
What are the two types of Ring topologies?
What is Star Topology?
Write a short note on the Router.

Networking Long Questions:

Write about the Types of Networks.
What are the methods of data transmission?
What is a Network? Explain its advantages and disadvantages.
Write information about the parts of the computer network.

Introduction to DBMS Chapter 4 Important Short Questions

What is a database?
What are the different types of relationships?
Write the names of different DBAs.
What is SQL?
Name the different types of keys.

Introduction to DBMS Long Questions:

Describe Normalization. How many types of Normalization?
What do you mean by DBMS? Describe its advantages and disadvantages.
What do you mean by data models? Write about its parts.

MS Access Chapter 5 Important Short Questions

What is the table? Name the different ways to create a table.
What do you mean by record?
What do you mean by Form?
Write the name of the components of M-S Access.
What is the report?
Write data types that are used in MS Access.

MS-Access Long Questions:

What are the instructions for designing the database? Explain it.
What is meant by sorting? How can we implement sorting in a database?
Explain in detail the various components of MS Access.
What are Filters? Write the steps to implement it.

Internet Applications Chapter 6 Important Short Questions

What is a CAPTCHA code?
What do you mean by Google Apps?
What is Digital Signature?
Write the process of sending an E-Mail.
Write the basic steps of downloading.
What is Cloud Printing?
Write the name of four Anti-virus Software.

Internet Applications Long Questions:

What is an IP Address? Explain.
Explain any three Google Apps
Explain the process of creating an e-mail account in Gmail.
What are the benefits of Google Drive?

E-Governance Chapter 7 Important Short Questions

What is E-Governance?
What are the two main objectives of E-Governance?
Write the area of E-Governance in urban.
Write the area of E-governance in rural.

E-Governance Long Questions:

Write the main characteristics of Good Governance.
Explain the four pillars of E-Governance.
Explain the four models of e-governance.
Write about E-Governance in Health and Education.
Describe the history and development of E-governance.

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