Computer class 12th

Computer Science Class 12 Chapter 5 Introduction To Microsoft Access Test Paper

Q.1: Tick the correct Option.

1.It makes very simple to create a database

(a)Sample Database

(b) Wizard✅

(c) Common Standard

(d) Easier Programmin

2. Which object is the output of a database application?

(a) Form

(b) Query

(c) Table

(d) Report✅

3. Find and replace command is found in

(a) Edit menu✅

(b) File menu

(c) Tool

(d) View menu

4. Microsoft access saves the database with extension

(a) mdb✅

(b) .msdb

(c) .madb

(d) None

5. A report may be may be used on:

(a) Table✅

(b) Relationship

(c) Form

(d) Attribute

Q.2: Give answer to any eight short questions of the following.

1. Enlist advantages of IDE.

2. What is Wizard?

3. What are advantages of MS Access?

4. What is difference between report

5. Define form object?

6. What are advantages of report?

7. What is meant by RBDMS?

8. Differentiate between tool bar and Manu bar.

9. Explain queries.

Q.3: Give answer to any two questions of the following.

 (a) What is database object. Discuss database object used to store and retrieve data.

(b) How to create a database using database Wizard .Explain the complete procedure.

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