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2nd Year Chapter-7 Ms. Access Forms And Report

2nd Year Chapter-7 Ms. Access Forms And Report Question And Answer

Short And Simple Question And Answer

Q1: What is a form?

Ans: A form is a window with visual components for data input and display. It’s made up of individual design elements known as controls, like text boxes, labels, and check boxes, serving various purposes.

Q2: What are some uses of a form?

Ans: Forms are used to add, delete, include, view, and search data in a database. They also function as custom dialog boxes that accept user input and trigger actions.

Q3: What is a sub-form?

Ans: A sub-form is a form placed within a parent form (main form). It’s also known as a child form and is useful when tables have a one-to-many relationship, with the sub-form typically involving a foreign key.

Q4: What is conditional formatting?

Ans: Conditional formatting is a special type of formatting that depends on the value of a control. It can be applied to elements like text boxes, lists, and combo boxes.

Q5: What is a report?

Ans: Reports are the output of a database application and allow users to generate various types of reports by manipulating the database.

Q6: What is linking?

Ans: Linking in MS Access involves creating a link to an object in another database table. It does not copy the table but rather connects to it.

Q7: What is a switchboard?

Ans: A switchboard in Microsoft Access is a form that helps users navigate and perform tasks within a database application. It acts as a customized menu with user-defined commands, often involving actions like opening forms, naming queries, or printing reports.

Q8: What are keyboard shortcuts?

Ans: Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations used to perform different tasks in an application. They are designed to save time and effort.

Q9: What is an input mask?

Ans: An input mask controls the format in which data is stored in a cell. For example, it can ensure that a date field follows a specific format, such as dd/mm/yy.

Q10: Explain tabular form briefly?

Ans: In a tabular form, multiple records are displayed with fields in columns and records in rows. It’s ideal when you want to view a few records with narrow fields and see several records simultaneously.

Q11: Define columnar form.

Ans: Columnar form displays field and label side by side. It shows only one value at a time and provides a record navigation bar for traversing records.

Q12: Define Datasheet form.

Ans: A datasheet form displays data in datasheet view, showing one record at a time. It also includes a record navigation bar to move through different records. This type of form is often used as the basis for sub-forms.

Q13: What is a list box?

Ans: A list box is a type of text box that can associate multiple values, allowing more than one value to be displayed and selected at the same time.

Q14: What is a combo box?

Ans: A combo box is a type of text box that can associate multiple values, but it displays and allows the selection of only one value at a time.

Q15: What is a switchboard?

Ans: A switchboard is a type of form that displays buttons linked to various database objects. Users can use these buttons to open, close, or modify those objects.

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