1st Year NotesEnglish class 11th

1st Year Lesson 1: Button Button – Q&A

Button Button – Q&A

Q1: Why did Norma find Mr. Steward’s tone and attitude offensive?
Norma found Mr. Steward’s insistence on time offensive.

Q2: Why did Arthur disagree with his wife?
Arthur disagreed because he didn’t want to harm anyone.

Q3: Why did Norma persuade her husband to accept the offer?
Norma wanted $50,000 to improve their life.

Q4: What reasons did Norma give her husband to accept the offer?
She thought it might be a psychological study or a millionaire’s game.

Q5: Why did Mr. Steward keep persuading Norma?
Mr. Steward wanted her to complete the experiment.

Q6: What message did Norma receive when she pushed the button?
She was told her husband had a subway accident and died.

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