Class Matric Part 2 NotesEnglish class 10th

10th Class English Chapter 3 Try Again

10th Class English Chapter 3 Try Again Shorts and Simple Question & Answer

Q.1 What is the lesson taught in the first stanza?
The first stanza teaches the lesson of perseverance. It teaches that our first failure should
not make us sad. Rather it should urge us to make daring and steady steps

Q.2 What can we learn from failure?
: Failure teaches us the lesson of courage. It urges us to take more daring and steady steps
to reach our goal.

Q.3 How is failure not a disgrace?
To leave working after failure is surely a disgrace. But if failure urges to take more daring
and steady steps, it is no disgrace then.

Q.4 How many times should we try and why?
We should keep on trying until we succeed. If we leave trying after failure, it would be
disgraceful. That is why we should keep on trying.

Q.5 What should we do if we find our task hard?
If we find our task hard, we should not be discouraged. We must see that if other people
can do it, we can do it also. Then we would do it successfully.

Q.6 Give an example of struggle from your life?
Moon is my friend. He wrote a novel which proved to be a total failure. But he kept on
trying. Finally he has written a best-selling romantic novel.

Additional Short Questions:
Q.1 What does the word „persevere‟ mean?
It means „to continue trying to do something in spite of difficulties‟.

Q.2 “If we strive, it is no disgrace”, explain this sentence?
It means that we should be persistent in striving. It is not a matter of shame to work and

Q.3 Why is the poet repeating the sentence „try again‟?
To highlight the importance of constant working, the poet repeats the phrase „try again‟.

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