What is Alibre Atom 3D?

As of my last update in September 2021, Alibre Atom 3D was a specific version of the Alibre Design software offered by Alibre, LLC. It was designed to be a lightweight, easy-to-use 3D parametric CAD software aimed at hobbyists, makers, and small businesses.

Alibre Atom 3D provided a simplified Alibre Atom3D and streamlined user interface compared to the full version of Alibre Design, making it more accessible for users who were new to CAD software. Despite being a lighter version, it still offered essential features for creating 3D models, assemblies, and 2D drawings for manufacturing purposes.

Due to its focus on simplicity and affordability, Alibre Atom 3D was suitable for individuals or small teams involved in various projects, including DIY projects, 3D printing, prototyping, and small-scale mechanical designs.

Keep in mind that software offerings and versions might have evolved or changed since my last update. For the most current and accurate information about Alibre Atom 3D or other Alibre products, it’s best to visit the official Alibre website or contact their customer support.

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