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2nd year English Essays: Visit to a Historical Place

2nd year English Important Essays Visit to a Historical Place

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree
without roots.”
A visit to a historical place is a happy experience. It gives us a chance to glimpse into the
past. Thousands of tourists from all parts of the world visit Pakistan to have a glimpse of its
important historical places.
Last week, I and my friend Arshad made up our minds to pay a visit to the tomb of Jahangir.
It is a place of historical interest. My friend had brought his scooter. We left for the
historical place with joy. We reached there after half an hour.
The tomb of Jahangir was before us. We were happy to see it. First of all, we had a look at
the tomb of Jahangir and were enchanted by its beauty. Jahangir’s Tomb is at Near
Shahdara in Lahore on the other side of the river Ravi. One can see the four tall minarets of
the tomb from a distance.
We bought tickets and entered the main gate. The main gate is tall and strong. It is made of
red sandstone. The grand building surrounded an area of about two acres. There are
gardens all around. There are evergreen trees along the pathway that leads to the main
building in the tomb.
We were much impressed by the artistic qualities of architects. The tomb was in front of us.
It was built of white marbles Red sandstones were used here and there. Brown and blue
marbles were also freely brought into use. It was indeed a beautiful piece of architecture in
the world. Its workmanship is superb. It holds the visitors spellbound.
After walking a little, we reached the tomb itself. It is a low, large and magnificent edifice.
Jahangir, the great Mughal Emperor, sleeps in an inner room. There is nothing to disturb
him now. The tomb is built with coloured bricks and marble. On the walls of the tomb,
there are beautiful coloured designs. We offered Fateha and blessed his soul. Then we
climbed up one of the minarets. We could see the whole of the city of Lahore. It was a
wonderful sight. It filled our hearts with pleasure. After sometime, we came down.

“When you see the world’s glory, it is how the art has made it.”
It was 2 P.M. and we were extremely, tired. We were feeling hungry. We, therefore, sat
down in a park under a shady tree. We took our dry lunch which we had brought with us.
After that, we had tea from a nearby tea stall. After taking rest for a while, we visited each
and every part of this superb piece of art. We were deeply impressed to see this work of
profound and artistic skill.
It was now getting dark. We returned home, tired but happy. Our visit to Jahangir’s Tomb
was very rewarding. Seeing is believing. We enjoyed the visit very much. It was a
memorable visit to the historical place. It will always remain fresh in our minds.

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