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2nd year English Essays: My First Day at College

2nd year English Important Essays: My First Day at College

My first day at college is a memorable day in my life. As soon as I took my last paper of
Matriculation exams, I planned to visit various colleges for the admissions in Pre-classes. I
began to visit various colleges along with my two other friends.
The pre-classes were offered free of fees by almost all the colleges we visited. The final
admissions were to be made after the announcement of Secondary School Examination by
the boards. Finally, we decided to join pre-classes sessions at Punjab College. They told us
the exact date of the commencement of the classes. We were told to reach the college at 9:
00 am on the given day.
On the first day, I got up early and after saying my Fajar Prayer, I spent most of the time
getting myself ready before we set off for the college on a motorbike.
I had a strange feeling as if I had achieved some great target in my life. I was thinking about
the thrill and excitement of college life. At the same time, I had a strange fear. I was afraid
that how would I compete with other students of the college. There must be the boys who
are more intelligent than me. I had the idea that I may not understand the concepts well
and the syllabus will be tough and that is too in English medium. All this made me lose my
confidence on the first day.
We reached college in time. After parking the motorbike we tried to enter the main gate.
There was a boy who stopped us. He looked like a guard or a watchman of the college. He
demanded 50 rupees as a bike parking fee. We were surprised. I could not think that a well reputed college of the town would have fixed a parking fee for the students.
I told him that we were newcomers but he told us to pull out our bike from the parking
stand and park it almost a half kilometer to the south of the college if we do not pay him
the parking fee. Meanwhile, some other boys for the college came and they confirmed that
the parking fee is mandatory. We paid him Rs 50 and went in. Later we discovered that they
were seniors who fooled on us.
We asked a student who looked senior about the orientation class. He pointed to a big
room and asked us to go there. We went there and found that it was a toilet block. We
were again fooled by seniors.
Anyhow, We found a professor-looking man and we asked him about the orientation class.
He told us to wait in the hall as the class was not yet ready. He told us that the class would
start in a few minutes when some more students would reach.

We were waiting in the hall when a boy told us that the class had begun. We went in and
there was a young gentleman on the dais addressing the students.
As we entered the room, he pointed us to go on the back to sit down. He asked another boy
to collect 20 rupees each for handouts. All the students gave 20 rupees each. They had just
collected the money when two professors entered the hall and the boys who were
collecting money for handouts quickly slipped out of the hall. We were told that those were
seniors fooling on us.
The teacher gave us an orientation of the course and norms and discipline of the college
life. He told us about the various facilities the college offered. He explained various fields
and scope of pre-medical, pre-engineering and ICS. The principle of the college addressed
us and told us the difference between school life and college life. He inspired us to be
critical and take new steps courageously. That day, I was proud of being a college student.
After the orientation class, we were allowed to explore the college. We went into the
library. We also visited various departments. A boy asked us to come to the playground for
a sports period. But we at once realized that he was a senior. No sports period was in
I decided to take biology as I found my interest in the medical field. We left for home as the
formal classes were to commence two days later.

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