Is hair transplant painful?

Lots of people who are planning a hair transplant, wonders if the procedure is painful. People have a sensitive scalp and the thought of someone injuring it seems hard to accept, but they are determined to face the challenge if they can get back their previously lost hair in return. However, there is some dispute between patients and doctors as to whether or not hair transplant surgery is painful.

In fact, only people who have already had a hair transplant can answer this question. Opinions among these people are divided. Some patients say that the hair transplant procedure is like visiting a dentist and we are not dealing with unimaginable pain, but only a temporary ache. Certainly the process of the hair transplant is not a relaxing experience, but it is an acceptable pain. There is a degree of pain involved which can be easily neutralized with injections of local anesthesia administered punctually into the scalp. The injections of local anesthesia into the scalp prior to hair transplant procedures are also painful to some extent, but are essential for the patient.

In the case of a hair transplant, there is also a headache after the procedure, and more precisely, a pain in the scalp. Also, swelling on the head is normal after hair transplant surgery and may even prevent you from working for a day or two. Your skull may seem very unusual for a few or several days. All these inconveniences and feelings are not hard to accept and overcome when you see your new lush mop of hair on the horizon.

Whatever the pain experienced during hair transplantation, the pain associated with hair transplantation is not comparable to tooth extraction. The pain after the hair transplant is much less acute, and some people do not feel this pain at all, but only talk about some degree of hypersensitivity to the scalp. Many people just find it unpleasant. If they have any pain, this is a degree that can be stopped with a tablet of a commercially available pain reliever.

On the other hand, some people who have had hair transplant surgery do not feel any pain at all. They tolerate local anesthetics injections well and are not bothered by the transplant procedure at all.

The hair transplant operation is certainly less painful than a dozen years ago, in earlier times, when sections of the scalp with the hair were cut out to transplant them into the hairless areas. Current hair transplant techniques, Hair transplant is a single graph graft, which does not involve cutting skin strips, but only the donor sites are used to collect hair graphs for implantation in the recipient sites. Modern hair transplant techniques only use a follicle unit and not a large amount of surrounding tissue for donor transplants. FUE hair transplantation significantly reduces the intensity of the perceived pain. The treatment is now minimally invasive, so the scalp is not disturbed more than necessary. Hair transplantation was a painful procedure in the past, and now it is only an uncomfortable procedure for the skin on the patient’s head.

The experience of the trichologist who will perform the procedure also determines the strength of the pain experienced during the hair transplant. Hair transplantation by an experienced and qualified surgeon is the key to a less painful procedure. A doctor who knows the best way to perform the procedure will cause less pain and predict a better result.

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