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First Year English Moral Stories: Might is Right

First Year English Moral Stories: Might is Right

Story For Average Students

In the tranquil setting of a stream, a wolf quenched his thirst. Spotting a lamb downstream, he concocted a sinister plan. Accusing the lamb of dirtying the water, he bellowed, “Why did you abuse me last year?” The lamb, bewildered, protested, “Sir, I wasn’t even born then!” Ignoring reason, the wolf callously declared, “Then it must have been your elder brother. Now you’ll pay for his imagined transgressions.” With ruthless force, he attacked and tore the lamb apart.


  1. “Might is right” is a flawed and unjust philosophy.
  2. An evildoer will find any excuse to justify their actions.

Story For Brilliant Students

Once, by a gentle stream, a wolf was quenching his thirst. Nearby, a lamb also drank, but farther downstream. The wolf, however, harbored sinister intentions and sought to make a meal of the innocent lamb.

“Why are you polluting the water?” the wolf growled at the lamb.

“But sir,” the lamb responded, “the water flows from you to me. How can I pollute it for you?”

The wolf, undeterred, accused the lamb, “Did you not insult me last year?”

Perplexed, the lamb replied, “Sir, I wasn’t even born last year.”

With a sinister grin, the wolf retorted, “Then it must have been your elder brother. Now, you shall pay for his transgressions.” And with that, he pounced on the lamb, tearing it to pieces.


  1. “Might is Right” may lead to injustice.
  2. Evil-doers often find excuses for their actions.

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