Is hair transplant painful?

Lots of people who are planning a hair transplant, wonders if the procedure is painful. People have a sensitive scalp and the thought of someone injuring it seems hard to accept, but they are determined to face the challenge if they can get back their previously lost hair in return. However, there is some dispute between patients and doctors as to whether or not hair transplant surgery is painful.

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Living with depression

Depression is a psychological, biological and environmental problem that directly and indirectly affects millions of people worldwide. People suffering from depression often find it difficult to function normally in their environments, which is why they often experience problems in everyday life. The emotional aftermath of depression can destroy families, friendships, and all relationships.

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The new ultrasonic toothbrush that is safer and healthier for your teeth

Summary: Europe’s dental hygiene capital has developed a revolutionary new device that allows you to massage, clean and whiten your teeth in less than a minute. Many are already throwing away their old electric toothbrush for this device and it seems really poised to take the oral hygiene world by storm.

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