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9th class computer guess paper for All Punjab Boards

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Explore essential Class 9th computer guess paper curated by Bilal Articles on Elevate your understanding of key computer concepts with comprehensive and insightful queries, ensuring a solid foundation for academic success. Dive into engaging content designed to enhance your learning experience and excel in your computer studies. Discover a valuable resource for students seeking effective preparation and mastery of Class 9th computer topics at by Bilal Article

Most Imp:


  1. types of computer
  2. work of van numen
  3. benefits of transistor
  4. definition of machine language
  5. define computer
  6. what is abacus?
  7. what is a computer program
  8. explain minicomputer
  9. high-level language
  10. define analog computer


  1. What are input devices
  2. Define USB port.
  3. what is system unit?
  4. define port.
  5. difference between the serial port and parallel port.
  6. define computer hardware
  7. what is data bus.


1.What is mouse?

what is a joystick?

3.What is meant by resolution of the monitor?

4.Difference between soft copy and hard copy of non-impact printer.

6.what is keyboard?

7.what is microphone?

8.difference between CD-RW and CD-R


1.Why DRAM uses more energy?

2.difference between DRAM and SRAM

3.What is main memory?

4.what is cashe memory?

5.What do you know about ROM?

6.What is secondary memory?

7.What is the difference between ROM and RAM?

Important Long Questions

1.Types of computer

2.Note mainfram computer and super computer

3.2nd and 3rd generation of computer

4.write a note on system bus.

5.write a note on RAM and ROM

6.write a notes on various ports

7.write a note on CPU

8.write a note on various types of monitors

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