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Detailed Information USU Libraries – Mission, Vision, Values, Resources, Database 2021

Today’s in this article , Further we will discuss about what is USU Libraries.

First of all , USU Libraries Full form is Utah State University .

The Merrill-Cazier Library is the intellectual center of Utah State University. As both a physical and virtual destination, They create collaborative, engaging environments for learning and scholarship.

Now Let’s talk about Library’s Strategic Mission , Vision and Values

USU Library’s Strategic Mission –

The Merrill-Cazier Library connects people with information. Serving the University community, the Library is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. They support inquiry, discovery, and engagement by providing access to quality resources, and by facilitating the use of information in teaching, learning, and research.

USU Library’s Strategic Vision

The Merrill-Cazier Library is the intellectual center of Utah State University.  As both a physical and virtual destination, They create collaborative, engaging environments for learning and scholarship. They embrace innovation and continually adapt to changing user needs.  Applying their expertise in collecting, organizing, managing, preserving and providing access to human knowledge, they are an integral partner in the academic enterprise. 

USU Library’s Strategic Values

  • Universal access – They view collections broadly and strive to provide the greatest possible access to information resources and remove barriers and provide equal access to information regardless of format or location.
  • Intellectual Freedom – They value the expression and exploration of ideas and seek to represent diversity within their collections and respect the individual’s right to privacy and their freedom to obtain and use information from all points of view without restriction.
  • Lifelong Learning – The Library plays a vital role in formal and informal learning and empower individuals to pursue intellectual development and to engage in scholarship throughout their lives.
  • Service – Helping people is the highest goal. They anticipate and respond to the needs of their varied communities by providing quality information services and treat all users with respect.
  • Collaboration/teamwork – They are value collaboration to enhance productivity, solve problems, and stimulate individual growth and organizational development and show respect toward staff and patrons, operating with integrity and encouraging open communication.
  • Creativity – Balancing respect for tradition with opportunities arising from change and strive to support an environment where creativity thrives.They encourage critical thinking in the pursuit of knowledge, and value resourceful, innovative thinking in carrying out the functions expected of the Library.

USU library Resources

However, the library has a large collection of journals and articles that you can access online through our library databases.

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USU Library

All you need to do to access these sources is to log into the library website with your A-number and banner password. Once you’ve logged in you can view articles from anywhere you have an internet connection. If you need an article that is not available in full-text online, you can request it through inter library loan and USU library team can email you a PDF copy of the article. Using USU library databases is a great place to do research for your papers because they not only include peer-reviewed articles or articles written and reviewed by experts.

In the field day professors are often require, but you can also find current magazine and newspaper articles and even encyclopedia entries for background information. Another resource you will probably need throughout your time at USU library is books. The Merrill-Cazier Library, on the Logan campus, will also send you books from our physical collection to your home, free of charge, along with a prepaid return label.

All you need to do to request a book is to log into inter library loan system and make sure you select distance as your campus location. We know that research assignments can be stressful and it can be overwhelming to try to locate relevant information, but as USU library students, you have access to many resources that will help make this process less intimidating.

USU library database

So your professor says that you need to use the library’s databases. you have no idea what that means he didn’t cover in class and you’re starting to panic you’re used to search in Google sure. we all like Google it’s what you’re used to it’s easy keep in mind though that Google was not always appropriate for academic work. Google works really well for lots of stuff but the USU library can offer you stuff beyond Google.


As a USU student that you have additional options for your research when doing research especially for literature review. USU Merrill-Cazier Library offers you a wide array of databases specific to your major and on almost any topic searching in the databases. That will help you get a more focused search so that you can find articles relevant to your topic which will free up your time.

Moreover you will get articles you can’t even get in Google for free since you are a USU student. Articles that have been reviewed by experts in the field for their quality and accuracy. online articles that don’t cost you money just to read them and if you don’t get an article that you need you can request it using inter library loan. A database such as academic search premier or LexisNexis both pictured here are like search engines for articles except that they’re better especially when you have a research paper due.

USU Research database

You can refine your search that you only get scholarly articles narrow your search using keywords and print the full text of the articles. So if you want a scholarly article also commonly called peer reviewed articles you can flip through a journal might have five or six articles in it but you’d be much better off searching a database that includes hundreds of journals and thousands articles.

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The USU Libraries provide access to almost 2 million print books and journals, 7,600,000 e-books (including over 7 million within the HathiTrust Digital Library), 480,000 government publications, and over 60,000 electronic journals. The USU Special Collections and Archives contain rare book and manuscript collections, western and Mormon historical documents, the university archive of USU, and therefore the Fife Folklore Archives, one among the most important repositories of yank folklore  . Many rare items are digitized and are available online within the Libraries’ Digital History Collections and Online Exhibits.

In addition to the Merrill-Cazier Library, services are provided at the USU Eastern and USU Blanding campus libraries, the Anne Carroll Moore Library of the Edith Bowen Laboratory School (children’s books), the Young Education Technology Center (curriculum and teacher preparatory materials), the Intermountain Herbarium, the Quinney Natural Resources Library within the Quinney College of Natural Resources.

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