English class 11th

1st year English: ch 7 Use of Force

1st year English: chapter-7 (Use of Force) important MCQs

1.In the final unreasoning assault, overpowered the child’s neck and jaws?
A unjust☑️
B bitter
C small
D forceful

2.She had magnificent blonde hair, in profusion?
A canty
B few
C little
D abundance☑️

3.The face of the sick girl was flushed?
A paled
B changed
C spoiled
D blushed☑️

4.”For heaven’s sake”, I broke in?

A Interrupted☑️
B resisted
C mentioned
D talked

5.She had fought valiantly to keep me exposing her secret?
A timidly
B bravely☑️
C heavily
D hardly

6.It is very damp here sometimes?
A dry
B hot
C wet☑️
D dull

7.She had magnificent blond hair in profusion?
A dull
B curly
C beautiful
D glorious☑️

8.She was breathing rapidly?
A slowly
B fast☑️
C gently
D steadily

9.In the final unreasoning assault, I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws?
A attack☑️
B request
C look
D effort

10.I took a trial shot at it as a point of departure?
A idea
B chance
C exams
D guess☑️

11.She shrieked terrifyingly?
A fearfully
B delightly
C amazingly
D horrifyingly☑️

12.I could have torn the child apart in my own furry and enjoyed it?
A doubt
B loneliness
C anger☑️
D trust

13.We were quite apparently thinking of that?
A inwardly
B outwardly☑️
C truly
D doubtfully

14.She had magnificent blond hair in profusion?
A scantly
B few
C abundance☑️
D little

15.In the final unreasoning assault, I overpowered the child’s neck and jaws?
A handled
B overcame☑️
C picked
D released

16.Who is “I” in the story?
A the father
B the doctor
C the sick child☑️

17.The condition of the parents of the arrival of the doctor was?
A nervous☑️
B sad
C cheerful
D sickly

18.The doctor ground his teeth in?
A anger☑️
B shame
C disgust
D hostility

19.The doctor considered it a to attack her?
A an honour
B grace
C pleasure☑️
D pity

20.The doctor overpowered the child’s neck and?
A teeth
B tongue
C mouth
D jaws☑️

21.The girl had been hiding the sore throat for days?
A three☑️
B four
C two
D five

22.The girl had hair?
A straight
B little
C small
D blond☑️

23.The doctor was impressed by the of the child?
A hair
B beauty☑️
C photo
D dress

24.The doctor feared that the girl may be suffering from?
A cholera
B diphtheria☑️
C small pox
D fevir

25.The child was as strong as a in appearance?
A heifer☑️

B goat
C bull
D deer

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