English class 11th

1st year English: ch 4 Thank you, M’am

1st year English: chapter-4 (Thank you, M’am ) important MCQs

1 He could make a dash for it down the hall?
A speed☑️
B force
C power
D run

2 Sweat popped out on the boys face?
A came out
B ran
C coloured
D streamed☑️

3 Was I bothering you when I turned that corner?
A punishing
B teasing☑️
C troubling
D beating

4 And he did not want to be mistrusted?
A doubted
B angered
C feared
D disbelieved☑️

5 Shoes got by devilish ways will burn your feet?
A wicked☑️
B fair
C clean
D easy

6 The woman gripped the boy firmly?
A carelessly
B tightly☑️
C loosely
D fairly

7 She jerked him until his teeth rattled?
A scattered
B counted
C produced noise☑️
D become health

8 The woman dragged the boys inside a furnished room?
A big
B beautiful
C decorated☑️
D large

9 “Comb your hair to look presentable?
A scruffy
B fresh
C workable
D personable☑️

10 The woman did not ask the boy anything that would embarrass him?
A surprise
B humiliate☑️
C appreciate
D tease

11 Woman made coca out of canned milk?
A sure
B opened
C fresh
D packed☑️

12 Kitchenette furnished room was at the rear of the house?
A middle
B side
C front
D back☑️

13 The woman jerked him until his teeth rattled?
A forced
B deployed
C shook☑️
D cared

14 She dragged him inside the hall?
A pulled☑️
B invited
C shown
D forced

15 The strip of the purse broke with a sudden tug?
A snatch
B jerk☑️
C plan
D press

16 What was the woman carrying?
A a rod
B a bag
C a hammer
D a purse☑️

17 From where she was coming?
A hotel
B office
C college☑️
D beauty shop

18 The boy washed his face on the direction of?
A police
B woman☑️
C his father
D his uncle

19 he boy was in his?
A teens
B twenties
C jeans☑️
D thirteen

20 The woman cooked the food and asked the boy to?
A serve
B eat☑️
C help
D set the table

21 The woman gave dollar to the boy?
A five
B ten☑️
C twelve
D nine

22 She heated some lima beans and?
A bread
B milk
C beef☑️
D meat

23 The woman called the boy her?
A brother
B son☑️
C dear one
D pupil

24 What was the time when boy tried to snatch the purse?
A Eleven o’clock☑️
B ten o’clock
C nine o’clock
D eight o’clock

25 The woman worked in some?

A hotel
B beauty shop
C store☑️
D office

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