Class Matric Part 2 NotesEnglish class 11th

1st year English: ch 3 Dark they were, and Golden-Eyed

1st year English: chapter-3 (Dark they were, and Golden-Eyed) important MCQs

1.The children hollered at the deep dome of Martian sky?
A became silent
B Felt Unhappy☑️
C wept
D Cried noisely

2.Other passengers whirled away across the Martian meadow?
A moved rapidly
B walked away☑️
C circled around
D scattered away

3.She dashed blindly into the porch?
A ran rapidly
B wandered
C stumbled
D collided☑️

4.He looked with dismay at their houses?
A pleasure
B doubt
C anger☑️
D frustration

5.She was golden and slender as their daughter?
A delicate☑️
B beautif
C thin
D sensitive

6.Its lid gave a bulging pop?
A pleasant
B soft
C irregular☑️
D broken

7.They found a flimsy rocket frame?
A fragile
B sturdy
C strong☑️
D rusty

8.”Such odd, such ridiculous houses the earth people built”?
A amazing
B strange
C wonderful
D funny☑️

9.There were little, very dim flecks of new gold captured in the blue of his eyes?
A spots
B colours☑️
C joints
D dots

10.He felt submerged in a chemical?
A floating☑️

B sank
C swaying
D absorbed

11.The fear lay with them as a third unbidden partner?
A unknown
B uninvited☑️
C unseen
D interested

12.”Mother, Father- the war, Earth!” she sobbed?
A laughed
B declared☑️
C wept
D left

13.He drenched in the hotness of his fear?
A went
B jumped
C soaked
D drank☑️

14.Doesn’t it scare you?
A frighten
B inspire☑️
C please
D tease

15.”Such odd, such ridiculous houses the earth people built?
A amazing
B strange
C wonderful☑️
D funny

16.What did they see on Mars?
A old cities
B grass
C new houses☑️
D sky

17.Which city was attacked?
A New York
B Texas☑️
C New Jersey
D Virginia

18.How many dollars did hw offer to sell the metal?
A 200
B 300
C 400☑️
D 500

19.The captain established headquarter in an abandoned?
A school
B church
C hospital
D bar☑️

20.What is the name of Harry’s wife?
A Laura
B Cora
C Emily
D Lauela☑️

21.How many people stepped from the interior of the rocket?
A 2☑️

B 3
C 4
D 5

22.How much distance they had travelled?
A fifty million miles
B million miles
C sixty million miles☑️
D hundred million miles

23.At what age did harry work in a metal shop?
A 10 years
B 20 years
C 30 years☑️
D 15 years

24.What did they do after building a cottage?
A decorated it☑️

B cleaned it
C ate breakfast
D washed clothes

24.What did they feel after the war on the earth?
A stranded
B drenched
C secluded
D surrendered☑️

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