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1st year Computer Chapter 8 Word processing

1st year Computer Chapter 8 Word processing Question an Answers

Make it Short and Simple Question an Answer

Q1. Word Wrap?

Ans. In word processing, Word Wrap is a feature that automatically moves text to the next line when it reaches the defined margins, eliminating the need to manually press the Return key after each line.

Q2. Headers and Footers?

Ans. Headers are information added to the top of every page of a document, while footers are information added to the bottom of each page.

Q3. Thesaurus?

Ans. thesaurus is a tool for finding synonyms for words. In Microsoft Word, it provides a list of alternate words, making it easier to choose simpler words for more complex ones.

Q4. Important Features of MS-Word?


  • Editing and inserting text.
  • Copying and moving text.
  • Undo and redo actions.
  • Adding headers and footers.
  • Document formatting.

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