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1st year Computer Chapter 4 Applications and uses of Computer

1st year Computer Chapter 1 Applications and uses of Computer Question an Answers

Shorts and Simple Question an Answer

Q1. Computer Simulation and Weather Forecast?

(a) Uses of Computer Simulation?

Ans.Computer simulation creates artificial models of systems, helping with training, environmental familiarization, and educational understanding. For instance, it’s used in pilot training, allowing students to conduct complex experiments.

Q2. How can computers be useful in weather forecasting?

Ans.Computerized weather forecasting systems gather data from various sources, including weather stations, airports, and satellites. They process this data to generate weather forecasts. This technology aids in predicting complex weather patterns and is used by organizations like the SPARCO weather forecasting department.

(a) List three uses of computer in E-commerce.

  1. Electronic Shopping (E-Shopping): Customers can buy goods and services online from businesses, making use of computers from home, work, or cyber cafes.
  2. Video Conferencing: Businesses conduct virtual meetings between people at different locations, saving time and travel costs.
  3. Electronic Banking: Customers can perform online banking transactions from home, work, or while on the go, eliminating the need to visit physical bank locations.

Q4. How can computers be useful in business?

Ans. Computers are essential in the global business landscape. They expedite various business processes, reduce administrative paperwork, and enable online sales and customer communication

Q5. How can computers be useful in education?

Ans. Computers revolutionize education by allowing students to solve problems efficiently and access vast information online. They are used in colleges and universities through methods like Computer-Aided Learning (CAL), Computer-Based Training (CBT), and Online Education, enhancing teaching and learning experiences.

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