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1st year Chemistry Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding

1st year Chemistry Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding Question an Answers

Short and Simple Question an Answer

Q.1: What is bond? Define the mean types of bonds?

The attraction forces which bind the two or more atoms (like or unlike) molecule of a compound is called chemical bond.

There are three types of chemical bond defined the follows.
Ionic Bond:

It is formed by transference of electron between two atoms also known as electrovalent bond. Such a bond which is formed by the electrostatic attraction between positive and negative ion is called ionic or Electrovalent bond.
Covalent Bond:

It is formed between two atoms by the mutual sharing of electrons is known as covalent bond.
Coordinate Covalent Bond:

Formed by one sharing of electrons (in which one atom provides shared pair of electrons)

Q.2: whta is single convalent bond?

Ans: Which is formed by the mutual sharing of one electron pair between two atoms e.g. HCIH-CL-HCL

Q.3: What is double covalent bond?

Ans: Which is formed between two atoms by the mutual sharing of two electrons pairs and denoted by double bond (=) e.g. 0:00 0

Q.4: What is triple covalent bond?

Ans: Covalent bond formed by mutual sharing of three electron pairs also known as triple covalent bond denoted by triple bond. e.g.

Q.5: Define Dipole Moment?

Dipole moment of a molecule is defined as the vector equal in magnitude to the product of the electric charge “q” and the distance “r” having the direction of the line joining positive and negative centres.
Mathematical representation
Dipole moment = charge x distance
i.e.µ = qxr

Q.6: What is Bond Energy?

Ans: It is the amount of energy released or the amount of energy required during the formation or breaking of the bond between two atoms respectively. e.g. CICI has B.E = 2.44 kj/mole.

Q.7: What is hybridization?

Ans: The term hybridization means blending or mixing of pure atomic orbitals of different energies and shape to give equal number of hybrid orbitals having the same energy and shape. This newly produced orbitals are known as hybridized or hybrid orbitals.

Q.8: What is hydrogen bonding?

Ans: The attractive force which combines the electropositive hydrogen atom of one molecule with the electronegative atom of the other molecule is known as “hydrogen bond”. To distinguish hydrogen bond it is represented by dotted line (……..). This is known “protonic bridge”. e.g. Hydrogen bonding in HF Practicaentre
H&+ – F&-
Hydrogen bond in HF
H&+ – F8-

Q.9: What is the shape of water molecule as per Lewis structure?

Ans: The shape of water molecule as per lewis structure Hu central oxygen atom is surrounded by four active pairs.

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